About us

Shomoos Al Ghad Advertising

Shomoos Al Ghad is an Abu Dhabi based Advertising agency which do ass-kicking projects that make us stand out from the overcrowded-digital market. With a short period of time the company was able to gain so many potential clients thru its quality oriented approach and the products and services delivered. We work with small business owners and international companies to create a meaningful marketing materials that help boost their company profile. We keep you in front of the competition.

Our Mission

The customer and quality of service we render, beginning with the creation of design of the logo, being the identity of the product, thought to the identity colors and the stationary accompanying the promotion campaign required for the product and ending with the implementation of such campaigns in the form of outdoor advertisements or prints. We have provided to our customers the latest techniques in advertising campaign such as Digital Printing Machines, Banners Printing Machine, Engraving and Cutting Machine and a set of welding and cutting machines, as well as acrylic polishing machines.